Hair Removal/Waxing Services

Hair Grooming & Removal 

Brow Shaping $20
Brow Tinting $25
Brow Rehab (tint + wax) $37
Chin, Lip or Cheek, Nose or Ear $12 (each)
Full Face Wax (Includes Brows) $63
Brow Wax w/Lip or Chin $32
1/2 Arm (elbow to wrist) $30
Full Arm (shoulder to wrist, does not include underarm) $40
1/2 Leg (knee to ankle) $40
Full Leg (outside bikini area to ankle, does not include bikini) $70
Feet/Toes or Hands/Fingers $12
Underarms  $27
Full Back $50
Lower Back/Lower Abdomen $22 ea
Full Chest Wax $55
Derriere (Buttocks Cheeks/female) $37
Beach Ready Bikini(female) $40
The Landing Strip (ext. bikini/female) $55
Dare to Be Bare (Brazillian/female only) $70

Achieve Longer Lasting, Smooth Wax Results!

These 2 treatment options will help you achieve better waxing results:

Hair Did It Go? Hair Growth Inhibitor System $25 (an add on to your waxing service) An incredible enzyme gel that when applied immediately after waxing will help to reduce unwanted hair growth. The 1st application is applied in suite after your wax. You, then, go home with the remaining product to continue to apply as many times as possible to the waxed area over the next 36-48 hours. Make sure your next wax is scheduled before your leave to keep on track. This product will not work with shaving and should be applied as instructed to achieve desired results.

Ingrown Mini Treatment $15 (added on to your waxing service/time permitting) Following your wax a mud mask will be applied to help begin treatment of ingrown hairs and bumps. When used as an ingrown hair treatment, the mud dries and the drawing salve it contains works it’s magic, ingrown hairs are drawn to the top layers of the skin allowing for easy removal. This mask is also available for retail to use at home. It can be used daily to irradiate the problem, then on a weekly basis for maintenance. It may also be used as a spot treatment. When combined with Get the Bump Outta Here! (another amazing home care item) and used on a daily basis, there simply is nothing better. These two products were designed to work together to make ingrown hair a thing of the past. (There is also a full Ingrown Hair Treatment. See the Acne and Body Treatments Tab for  more information.)